Manufacturing and installation
We produce the following products on our own production base: - rackets made of steel ropes for launching devices of rescue and duty boats and life rafts; - rope products for mooring and towing devices; - slings for various purposes (rope, chain) g / p from 100 to 80,000 kg, as well as synthetic materials, light and comfortable, which does not damage the load g / p from 300 to 20,000 kg; - emergency plasters and other high-tech emergency rescue products; - assembly of anchor chains; - cables for gantry cranes; - towing cables for military equipment according to RD.5.2066 (item 4.3 - zinc filling). The works are performed under the supervision of classification societies: RSU, RMRS, BV, DNV. The company's team consists of a team of experienced adjusters, engineers and project managers who provide installation of manufactured products on ships, in ports and at shipyards.
Testing on a test bench
LLC SPE "TO-NAR" provides testing services for rigging products, slings, fasteners, towing devices and anchor chains. All tests are performed on specialized equipment - test bench type SIG-C20-10 (produced by LLC "Plant" SPETSPROMOBLADNANNYA "). This certificate is provided by the State Enterprise "Odessastandardmetrologiya" of the Ministry of Economy and Trade of Ukraine. We have the ability to test any product, regardless of their length. Based on the results of the tests, a Test Report (Certificate-Protocol) is issued with the indication of the results of inspections. The cost of these services can be found by contacting the specialists of our company, who will answer the questions and provide qualified assistance.
Based on the test results, a Test Report (Certificate-Protocol) is issued, indicating the name of the product under test and the results of inspections. All tests are conducted under the supervision of representatives of classification societies. Depending on the purpose of the product and the classification society under which the acceptance and supervision is carried out - the appropriate certificate is issued for f. 6.5.30.