The gripper is intended for horizontal gearing, lifting and movement of sheet metal. Hobby works in pairs. To engage the horizontal grip of sheet metal can be used rope sling type 2SK or 4SK, or chain sling type 2STs or 4STs. It is also possible to use horizontal grips of sheet metal as components when lifting sheets of metal with a traverse.
With a large length of sheet metal to engage the grips, it is convenient to use a special linear traverse with lifting for the center or edges (if the height of the room and the height of the lifting hook of the lifting mechanism). One, two or more pairs of grips can be attached to the traverse. At the same time there is a loading of captures of sheet metal in one plane (perpendicularly to a surface of a sheet of rising metal). Loads and deformation of captures in the most dangerous direction for them - perpendicular to the plane of their case are completely excluded. Thus, the use of the traverse eliminates the work of captures under the action of uncalculated loads and thereby increase the resource of their work.
Модель DHQ2 DHQ3 DHQ5 DHQ8 DHQ10
Робоче навантаження (т) 1,0 1,5 2,5 4,0 5,0
Товщина листа (мм) 0-20 0-30 20-60 50-100 60-125
Розміри A (мм) 127 152 220 277 296
B (мм) 156 190 293 375 421
C (мм) 56 64 70 86 86
D (мм) 22 28 34
E (мм) 29 31 54 59 66
Маса (кг) 2,12 3,4 8,5 16,2 20,2