Weaving the net begins with the manufacture of lyctros. As a lyctrosus, a vegetable or steel cable is used, the ends of which are fused with a short spline. In those places of a litcross where there will be corners of a grid, by means of benzenes from a butt thimbles for stretching and fixing of a grid are put. Lyctros is stretched between any racks then to it by means of benzenes the rope or a thin cable intended for weaving of a grid is attached.


Lictros - a rope made of tarred, with a circumference of 65-90 mm, according to GOST 483-55 or a steel cable with a diameter of 15.5 -19.5 mm, according to GOST 3084-55;
cells of a grid - the line Resinous, with a circumference of 22-25 mm, in accordance with GOST 1091-41 or a cable spinning in the Resin, in a circle of 30 mm, in accordance with GOST 483-55;
benzene - skimushgar Smarted, a circle of 12 mm
thimbles - on a circle or diameter of a lyctros, in accordance with GOST 9689-61.


Safety nets are suspended under ladders and steps, and on sailing and sailing vessels - also under bowsprit and, sometimes, under Perth reev.
During loading and unloading operations, the nets are stretched between the ship's side and the berth to prevent the cargo from falling overboard.