A simple cargo sling is made from a piece of cable, by splicing its ends with short splines, which have three and a half - four punches. Sometimes such slings are supplemented by a canvas cloth, the edges of which are pre-bent and hemmed with a binding seam. The cloth is sewn to the sling with waxed threads with a puncture in each interval between.
Sling - a rope spun the raised white or Resin, a circle of 75 mm, in accordance with GOST 483-55; canvas cloth - duck, article 11102 or 11114, according to GOST5683-61. A simple sling made of vegetable rope is used for loading and unloading goods in barrels, bags, stacks, etc. Dimensions and weight of a sling made of vegetable rope
Найменування Вантаж-під стропа (т) Довжина стропа (см) Окружність троса (мм) Вага (кг)
Строп простий короткий 1 400 75 8,2
Строп простий середній 1 600 75 9,6
Строп простий довгий 1 800 75 11,0