A simple metal mesh is made of steel - low-carbon, heat-treated. Metal mesh, depending on the method of manufacture, is very widely used in everyday life - for the formation of various fees or fences, for reinforcing concrete, for sifting large bulk materials; It is also used in the screening of bulk products, in the creation of filters, in the reinforcement of various concretes, mortars, etc.

Mesh wicker netting;
Mesh chain-link with a polymeric covering;
Welded mesh;
The Mesh is facilitated Cossack;
Welded masonry mesh "Armopoyas";
The Mesh is average and exhaust;
The Mesh is corrugated, corrugated and difficult corrugated;
The Mesh is twisted with hexagonal cells;
Woven mesh;
Mesh corrosion-proof braided conveyor;
The Mesh is woven corrosion-proof conveyor;
Mesh brass polutompakovy L-80;
Filter woven mesh;