Plant ropes are made of specially treated strong long fibers of some plants. According to the method of perming, they can be cable and cable work. Hemp and sisal plant ropes were most widely used on ships of the navy.

Spinning ropes are made from hemp fibers - hemp.
A significant disadvantage of these ropes is their high hygroscopicity and tendency to rot.
To prevent rot, strands of rope are twisted from tarred balls.
This rope is called resin, and the rope made of non-tarred cables is called white.
The strength of the resin rope is about 25% lower than the strength of the white rope of the same thickness, and the weight is 11 - 18% more.
Sisal ropes are made from the fibers of the leaves of the tropical plant agave - Sisal stumps.
They are as elastic as Manila ropes, but are inferior to them in strength, flexibility, moisture resistance, and become brittle when wet.