Ship anchor - a specially shaped shod, cast or welded structure designed to hold a ship or other. Floating object in the parking lot at sea due to interaction with the ground and connected to the vessel by an anchor chain. The force that an anchor can perceive without moving or coming out of the ground is called holding force. It depends on the weight of the anchor and the properties of the soil. The greatest holding force of the anchor is on the dense sand. The efficiency of the anchor is assessed by the coefficient of holding force - the ratio of holding force to the weight of the anchor.

ANCHOR - a device for keeping the vessel at the berth in free water, connected to the vessel by a rope or anchor chain.
The anchor is arranged so that after return it is buried by paws in soil.
The state holding the force of the anchor is expressed by the ratio of its weight to the weight it is able to hold.
The value holds the force constantly provided that the fully tensioned (without suspension) anchor chain departs from the anchor at an angle of 15 ° to the horizon.
This is usually achieved with a chain length 4 times the depth of the anchor, but depending on wind and current, a chain length of 10 times the depth may be required.

By purpose Anchors are divided into:

position (in the bow) - to keep the vessel in the parking lot;
auxiliary (in the stern) - to turn the vessel at anchor, keeping the vessel lag to the wind (stop anchors, willows).

The basic design of the anchor is a longitudinal rod - a spindle, in the upper part of which there is a bracket for attaching the anchor to the anchor chain, and in the lower - paws and horns attached to the spindle fixed (mounting node - trend) or a hinge in the box.
Some anchors to increase the force of adhesion to the ground have a rod - a rod oriented across the spindle.
The rod can be mounted on the spindle, on the legs, on the armature box.

Hall Anchor;
Matrosov's anchor;
Admiralty anchor;
Hall anchor 250 kg;
Hall anchor 300 kg;
Hall anchor 400 kg;
Hall anchor 500 kg;
Hall anchor 600 kg;
Hall anchor 900 kg;
Hall anchor 1000 kg;
Hall anchor 1250 kg;
Hall anchor 2000 kg;
Hall anchor 3000 kg;
Hall anchor 3500 kg;
Hall anchor 4000 kg;
Hall anchor 5000 kg;
Hall anchor 6000 kg;
Hall anchor 8000 kg;
Matrosov's anchor 50 kg;
Matrosov's anchor 75 kg;

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