Wire - metal thread, cord. Wire is usually round, less often - hexagonal, square, trapezoidal or oval section is made of steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium, zinc, their alloys and other metals. Bimetallic and polymetallic wires are also produced.

The wire can be obtained by pulling (drawing) through successively decreasing holes.
The wire is available in different diameters (up to tens of millimeters).
Wire is used for the manufacture of electrical wires, hardware, springs, drills, thermocouples, electrodes, electronic devices and other purposes.
General purpose wire, galvanized and non-galvanized, knitting;
Welding wire Sv08A, Sv08G2S, copperplated, surfacing, powder;
Carbon steel and alloy steel for cold planting;
Spring wire;
Carbon structural steel wire;
Low- and medium-carbon wire is heat-treated to tie cotton bales;
Cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire for reinforcing reinforced concrete BP-1;
Low-carbon steel wire for reinforcement of prestressed reinforced concrete BP-2;
Printing wire;
Steel wire rope;
Barbed wire;