Are made according to DSTU EN 818-4-2001 from chains and accessories of the 8th class of durability. The mechanical system of a complete set provides many ways of collecting chain slings.
Imported components from alloy steel of the 8th class of durability allow to provide long service life, low wear and small weight of a product (it is 2-3 times easier in comparison with chain slings of the 3rd class of durability). At the request of the customer chain slings can be completed with limiters of length of a branch.
Позначення Г / п (т) Калібр ланцюга (мм) Позначення Г / п (т) Калібр ланцюга (мм)
1СЦ-1,1 6х18 2СЦ-1,6 6х18
1СЦ-2,0 8х24 2СЦ-2,8 8х24
1СЦ-3,15 10х30 2СЦ-4,25 10х30
1СЦ-5,3 13х39 2СЦ-7,5 13х39
1СЦ-8 16х48 2СЦ-11,2 16х48
1СЦ-12,5 20х72 2СЦ-17 20х72
1СЦ-15,0 22х66 2СЦ-21,2 22х66
1СЦ-21,2 26х96 2СЦ-30 26х96
1СЦ-31,5 32х116 2СЦ-40 32х116
4СЦ-2,36 6х18 УСЦ-1,8 6х18
4СЦ-4,25 8х24 УСЦ-31,5 8х24
4СЦ-6,7 10х30 УСЦ-5 10х30
4СЦ-11,2 13х39 УСЦ-8,5 13х39
4СЦ-17 16х48 УСЦ-12,5 16х48
4СЦ-20 20х72 УСЦ-20 20х72
4СЦ-31,5 22х66 УСЦ-23,6 22х66
4СЦ-40 26х96 УСЦ-33,5 26х96
4СЦ-50 32х116 УСЦ-50 32х116

Deciphering the designation - 4СЦ-3,15 / 4000;
4СЦ - four-branch chain sling;
3.15 - load capacity of the sling (t); 4000 - length of the sling (mm).